Monday, June 29, 2009

Update - LONG overdue!!

So I haven't updated in FOREVER so I will do a quick update of our life in the last few months along with some pictures (of course).

March 2009
  • Adam's Birthday! He got a new stereo for his truck.
  • We put in an offer on our first home together :)
  • Sayde's first camping trip. We found out that the woods is her true home.

*She is great at "helping" find firewood!*

"This things keeps wrapping mom up and attacking her, don't worry mom, I will save you!"

April 2009
  • Karen, Mike and their Einstein of a child (Alaina) came to visit us. We had a great time, as always, too bad we don't live closer.

May 2009
  • Our first anniversary!!! We went on a picnic up north (with paper plates, napkins and cups in order to keep with the paper theme) Adam also framed our marraige certificate for me. Very Sweet ;)

*On the way up north*

*Our sand frame ready to be refilled (I spilled some when moving). Adam liked to point out that I spilled our marriage in the parking lot and its all downhill from there.*

*Sayde likes picnics too!*

*Our new cake top (courtesy of Nancy Ray) in case the one from the wedding tasted bad. It tasted...well...old. The new one, however, was fabulous!*

June 2009
  • Our offer on the house was accepted!!! We will be moving in at the end of July. Then the work begins.... (pictures below - not our furniture)
  • Ashley's Birthday!! I will be getting new hiking boots


Jenni said...

OMG Ashley-- Sayde is GINORMOUS!!! did you guys leave an ENTIRE room for her in that new house of yours?? Holy Cow.. hahah
The house is super cute!! Congrats and Happy birthday.. :0)

Jenni said...

Hey I left you an award.. but you need to start updating this thing. :0) go see my blog..